Saturday, September 30, 2017

September 30, 2017

Gentle readers - you may want to read the last few entries before this one, since they all run together.  That's why each is so short.  Thank-you!

Belle's earth-shaking orgasm ended and her body relaxed.  She plopped into the puddle...she couldn't move right now, but loved watching me rolling around in the sweet honey-and-cum, puddled about six inches deep...fuck, I loved it!  She just laid there and smiled while I dribbled it on her body and played with it...rubbing it all over her and licking it from her...

I got a mouthful of it, slid on top of her, then wrapped her in my arms and legs and kissed her, feeding her honey and cum from my mouth...she purred for me, swallowing most of it.  The rest of it was sliding over her cheeks and down her neck, but we kept kissing, whimpering for each other, our bodies sliding together..

I screamed in her mouth and started cumming all over her...she held my slippery ass, trying keep me from sliding off her during my hard orgasm...I kept my lips on hers, biting her lips with my lips and sucking them while my body went insane...

...Our lips rubbed together...our breath was so hot...

"Belle, I love you soooooooo much!"

"I love YOU so much, Suri!"

"Well, good thing, since there isn't anyone else to love us, huh?"

"Are there...people?  Humans?  Somewhere?"

"Hmmmmm...I hope not. Humans can be so boring!"

We stood up, the honeycum puddle coming up past our ankles, our bodies completely covered and glistening.  We went and laid in the sun and baked the honeycum to a beautiful layer on our skin.

Writing more as soon as I can...

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September 27, 2017

You'll need to read the last entry if you haven't already.  Be sure to read the blog header, above, to learn what this is all about!  Thank-you!

There...Belle was seconds away from pouncing her open mouth on the back of my neck.  She had her hips pressed hard against my ass.  Oooooohhhhh, she was not ready for this...

Real hard, I BUCKED her off me...she screamed hotly as I tossed her in the air...she landed on her back in the thick honey-and-cum puddle, splattering the luscious mixture all over both of us!

Before she could recover, I dove between her legs, grabbing her hands and holding them down...spreading her legs and holding them down with mine...she screamed with utter fucking pleasure when my wide-open mouth slapped against her pussy and I drove my giant tongue ALL the way into her!
"Fuck my pussy, Suri!  Hold me down and tongue-fuck me HARD!"

I growled loudly into her and fucked my tongue roughly against the back of her pussy...she fucked my face, her ass sploshing the cum and honey with each of her hot tongue inside her forced her juices into my mouth...she yelled and screamed hot sexual noises while I fucked her harder and harder...oooooohhhhhhh...I felt a hard orgasm building inside her...her pussy already in spasm around my tongue...then...

I kept at her, riding her pussy with my long tongue, holding her down while her wild orgasm continued, feeding me her honey-sweet body needed all I could get from her, and I sucked her hard, her large outer lips throbbing in my mouth!

With her body still in hard spasm, her cum flowed and flowed to me in sweet mouthfuls I eagerly swallowed...sooooooo fucking hot going down my throat.  It felt so good in my tummy, and I kept sucking her quivering, hot pussy for more and more...

I let go of her hands and she fucked my face, holding onto my hair and cumming again for me and making sure my body got all of her cum I needed...

Writing more as soon as I can...

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Update soon...tonight, I hope!  Kindly see the last entry?
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September 19, 2017

Our bodies glistening and protected by a wonderful layer of honey and each other's cum, Belle and I fell asleep in the sun.  I awoke some time later...Belle was still sleeping, her hot breath on my neck, making my pussy throb hot little signals throughout my body.  I slid even closer to her and held her ass...damn, I wanted so badly to fuck her ass with my tongue! 

She loves when I hold her down and push my face between her ass cheeks, sliding my long, hot tongue in and out of her ass...she screams the entire time for more and more...I growl into her ass and FUCK my tongue HARD into her ass...her body jumps hard...her ass fucks against my face and she cums sooooooooooo good, making a hot puddle of cum underneath us!

Oh, that just makes her hotter.

And it's just sex as usual, cause it's the way we like it...

She screams and gets to her hands and knees, grabs my body and THROWS me on my tummy while I squeal with delight...I playfully try to wriggle away from her, but she grabs my hips and pulls me back, spanking me hard...I raise my ass to her, taunting her for more spanking, teasing her...she spanks me again, twice, harder, and that makes me push her with my ass, shoving her back on her folded legs and drenching her lap with LOTS of cum....

She takes a few seconds to quickly slather my cum all over her cheeks, neck, breasts and tummy, then gets back on her knees and roughly pushes me back on my tummy, my body splashing the cum puddle all over...I scream with pure excitement when she spreads my legs and POUNCES her mouth on my ass...holding my hips and RAMMING her tongue deliciously hard WAY inside my hot orgasm starts deep inside me with hard shuddering and turns into an cum pouring lusciously from my pussy and making the puddle much, much deeper!

Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhh....fuck...we REALLY love this...

Belle licks me over and over, up through my ass cheeks...I whimper for her, relishing every lap of her whole body quivers with each cum still oozes from my pussy while she licks my ass cheeks, then slides her tongue up my back, licking, sucking and kissing my skin.

Her mouth is headed for the back of my neck...she loves to sink her teeth against my neck while she fucks herself on one of my strong ass muscles, making me cum right along with her.

But, I have other plans...oh, she's going to love this... 

I'll wait until her hips are right on top of my ass before I make my move...

Writing more as soon as I can...

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My love to all,
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Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8, 2017

Hello!  It's me, Suri!
Just a little background info about Belle and I as a reminder for those who need it:  we are two primal lesbians who live naked in the wild.  We fuck ALL THE TIME, and when not fucking, we engage in affection which seems very sexual, but, it's only love.  We look almost human, but we have large pussies, cat's eyes and eight inch tongues which are normal length when not having sex.  

What?  You don't have such a long tongue?  Oh, that's too bad!  It's so much fun!  

My skin is dark-tanned. Belle's skin is alabaster-white and so, SO beautiful!  My hair is platinum blonde and goes to my ass...Belle's hair is shorter, jet black and incredibly gorgeous!

Our diet consists of honey and each other's cum.  That's it.  That's what we need.  It's the way our bodies are.

I woke up this morning so, so hungry!

Belle was sleeping, her breath on my lips.  I kissed her softly, and she woke with a smile for me...
"My Suri, you must be starving, my love..."

"I am!  Please feed me, baby?  So hungry!" 

Belle spread her legs for me and I slid down her body, my hair trailing all over her.  I buried my face in her always-wet pussy and sucked eagerly on her large outer lips while she caressed my cheeks.  I had my eyes closed while I sucked, feeling so much love for her...she purred softly for me and wrapped her legs around me...
"Yes, my baby...suck me...there you go..."

Her body suddenly tensed hard and her legs tightened firmly around me...a loud scream came from her throat and she came for me...a LOT, giving me all I needed in the flow of her cum.  I sucked noisily...her ass muscles tight with her intense orgasm feeding me her cum, which was so fucking hot and good...l squealed softly while she held me, and kept sucking until my tummy was satisfied.

She was breathing harder after feeding me...she relaxed while I licked the last of her sweet cum from her pussy, delighting in every drop.  Breakfast made me very hot and horny, and my pussy was already oozing cum for Belle's breakfast, which she needed...NOW.

I straddled her body on my hands and knees, crawling up to get my pussy over her mouth.  My inner thighs were soaked and my body was shaking from an already-building orgasm which would feed my Belle.  I got over her mouth, then spread my legs more to lower my pussy to her...she held my ass and pulled me to her lips, then sucked all of me into her mouth, making me cum for her immediately...

My body shuddered, quaking hard from the orgasm she was giving me...she took all my cum, hungrily swallowing each mouthful.  When my orgasm passed, I slid down her body, her arms around my waist while her tongue slid on my tummy.  

My mouth came to hers and we kissed...and kissed...and kissed, delighting in our natural scent of musk, trying to get enough of each other's mouths...we both came again and rolled around, covering each other with our lovely cum...

Then we relaxed and fed honey to each other...and making quite a mess, dribbling it on each other's bodies...

Thank-you for reading!

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 24, 2017

Hello!  You've arrived at the blog of Belle and Suri, written by Suri.  We are two fictitious lesbians who look human...mostly.  We have VERY large pussy lips and cat's eyes.  We have voracious sexual appetites...good thing, because we live on each others cum.  

We also must have honey as part of our diet...and it occurs everywhere where we live, but, there are no bees.  We have a honey pond and containers of honey sitting all over.  Okay...we do love to slather a lot of that honey on each other and lick it off, and we do love to fuck in that pond...

Our sex is a wild, messy affair...and we often play pretty rough with each other.  But, it is not "rough sex."  No hitting or slapping.  We do love to jump on each other, sucking our large outer lips and fucking mercilessly with our strong eight-inch tongues.  The harder we fuck with those tongues, the better.

Since we are often feeding each other when we cum, we cum a quart to a half gallon with each orgasm.  A LOT of that cum ends up all over our bodies...I did say it gets messy...

My body was hungry for all she could give me...and I was determined to make her give me a LOT.  I held her ample hips and buried my face in her pussy, making my tongue go crazy deep inside her...she gripped my hair...

Her body shook hard and she screamed even more, then a river of HOT cum flowed from her pussy...I sucked harder, riding her orgasm...she screamed unintelligibly, her wild orgasm feeding me with her cum!  I whimpered as her cum poured into my mouth...I swallowed and swallowed, eager to have more of her...I hungrily sucked the last of her cum from her quivering pussy, then licked her large outer lips...her body tensed each time I slid my big tongue over her...
"Oh Suri...I shall never tire of having you fuck me...."

Her body relaxed in what was now a big, deep puddle of honey and our cum...we were already covered in honey and cum, but we loved slathering big handfuls of it all over each other.  We kissed deeply, our hands exploring each other's slippery bodies...I'm crazy about her large breasts, fantastic ass and wonderful hips...and she loves mine.

Our bodies were covered in a layer of honey and cum...I stood up and took her hand, helping her to her feet...we moved to a spot in the sun to lie down and let the only thing we ever wear, bake on our skin...our bodies glistened so beautifully in the sun.

We still couldn't keep our hands off each other, but to us, it's just loving affection to caress the other's pussy and play with her ass.  We were kissing...sometimes softly, then deeply...softly purring to each other.  I slid my lips on hers, then licked her and kissed her...she was lovingly caressing me between my ass cheeks, making me purr more for her...

I held her perfect ass and we kissed and kissed, whispering "I love you" many times against our lips.  The sun went down and we fell into a deep sleep, my thigh against her pussy, and hers against mine.

Writing more as soon as I can...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,
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